Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Trip to Branson mo.

Riding in on a Sand Boat
Red neck Limo
Kat and tristan in Branson..
Building a car for Tristan per his specifications
Cruise in a duck.. to sightsee
In a pink fin tailed ford car..

Ferry boat
Tristan in the old heavy equipment yard. He loves Big trucks and heavy machinery. 
He was in hog heaven there
Tristan and Missy on the ferryboat

Tristans and his Big Cat

Tristan fixing to go to work..


Kat on sightseeing tour

Tristan and Missy on sightseeing tour

Tristans inside a helicopter at Branson mo.
Missy and her friend Greg with Tristan

Marks( Butches son) family,Bobbie his fiance ,Kiley and Camilla(Bobbies daughters)and Asia mark's daughter.
Liz and Aspen, Justins Daughter >>>>>>>>>>
Venessa (margies daughter ) and Jada in solid pink shirt..(Marks daughter )

Liz giving orders, with Margie next to her holding Aspen and Venessa next to her.
Have more pics of me butch and Gabby will post later
Alena makes front ya all Grams

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ground Breaking for our new Chapel...

Our Chapel has been enlarged.. and were going to dedicate it tomorrow.. we'll have a Potluck afterwards, there will be alot of the stake people there from Gilmer Texas .. where our Stake is. Alot of them come up in the summer and on holidays to fish at Broken Bow Lake.. We are just a small Branch and so We're going to have to work hard to fill the new Chapel..

I'm making my salsa bread and a burrito tray.. the theme is Spanish .. we're so excited about it.. We've had several Baptisms lately .. so maybe its a good sign.. Inclosed is some pics of the ground breaking last spring.. will post pics of the Chapel later

Friday, October 17, 2008

dedication of new chapel

On Oct 19th we dedicated our new chapel.. Pres austin from the Gilmer Texas Stake .. gave the dedication prayer .. WE had all the Stake authorities and their Families Attend ..All in all we had 117 people there.. We had a potluck dinner afterwards...I took some pics with my old camera .. They didn't come out to good ..But I'm putting some in here anyway.. also some pics of the Chapel.